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Strategic CIO priorities for next years

Lead your company’s digital transformation, don’t just facilitate it.
The challenge before every CIO as we head into 2017 is how to manage and in some cases offload the old stuff—pay down the creeping “technical debt”—while freeing up money and people for new and expanded mobile, data analytics, AI, and other modern digital initiatives.

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Cloud technologies to enable “everything as a service"

It’s easy to assume that cloud technology is simply another evolution for IT, but in fact it’s not—it’s more of a revolution. One of the biggest components of this revolution is IT’s shift from developing and maintaining enterprise applications to brokering applications from cloud service providers. But that’s only one part of the bigger picture.

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When Retailers Finally Get Around to IoT

Retailers’ focus has changed significantly over the last 15 years.Where early IoT use cases focused on supply chain and operational efficiencies, retailers now appear to be focused on omnichannel and customer experience.

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we are leading the way in thinking & implementing IT-strategies

how we help businesses run smarter

Smart Automation

We provide solutions to problems arising from organizational and functional processes. Such issues can be caused by changing business goals, deficit in human resources or high operational costs, to mention a few.
We establish optimized processes by the implementation of Workflow, BPM and content management systems.

Digital transformation

Is your organisation ready for digital transformation? Explore how we can help you assess your readiness to succeed in a digital economy and support you on your transformation journey

IT Strategy

Delivering a strategic plan is one of the most important things any organization, regardless of size can undertake. A well-formulated and executed strategy establishes the foundations against which the organization can create, monitor and measure their success.
If you are ready to put your IT on the right track, just give us a call

Analytics and Data mining

Corporate data can be a gold mine of insight.
Are you sitting on loads of data that you aren’t using? Would you like to learn how you can use it to increase your customers loyalty? Unlock hidden profitability? Reduce client churn?
We might have all the answers your business need to run better.

Enterprise Performance Management

Organizations are continuously looking to improve their performance and grow their business to the next level. But how can you tell whether your company is performing up to par? Which software tools do you need to analyze and measure performance, and which practices do you need to put in place in order to successfully adopt these software tools and use them effectively throughout your organization?
We might have all the answeers you need to manage better your business performance.

Systems and Processes Auditing

Audit of business processes and management systems to uncover the opportunities for improvement and allowing you to focus on key areas.
We supply you with tools for the daily management of your business and in the planning of your long-term strategy.

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